Safety gives a feeling of protection, it’s the state of mind of a person who feels calm, secure and confident.

For an individual or a group, it’s the feeling of being safe and protected from risks.

With this in mind Spirit Custos has appeared, to protect and guarantee that you stay safe and guarded.

Our team

Spirit Custos is a private Swiss company based in Geneva specialising in security and investigation.

With our experience and knowledge, Spirit Custos knows how to establish a trustful relationship with it’s clients by listening to their needs.

Our mission

Our goal is to gain your trust and reinforce your well-being. For this, we work with quality and we have a solution for every situation.

Our missions are primarily set up in Switzerland but we can also undertake operations in Europe or worldwide.

Our experience

Each assignment is treated exclusively and supervised by qualified professionals. Thorough studies and optimisation of services for every mission allow Spirit Custos to be one of the best security companies on the market.

Each agent holds the necessary authorizations and works under local authority (DSPE) to practice their profession. They also have a solid background and qualifications for various kinds of missions.